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wanjiku sends a postcard home

Wanjiku sends a postcard home. Presented at the 'Being Wanjiku?' exhibition, Alliance Francaise de Nairobi, March 2012.

today, Wanjiku has gone global. There is a mixing of identities, both at home and abroad. The images look at what it might mean to be a Kenyan woman overseas, and examine the curiosity, spirituality and isolation of these women. There is also a strong sense of rejection of some norms in the adopted society, with Wanjiku acknowledging, but refusing to be a part of the sexualisation and commodification of women that she sees. An added element is that there are many Wanjikus, and their experiences are as varied as they are. The khanga is used here as a symbol of their Kenyan backgrounds, figuratively tying them together, giving them a common identity. The emphasis on the warm colours of the khangas, juxtaposed with the rest of the image lacking colour, identifies the woman as being both a part and separate from her environment. It reminds her that she still has her ties to her home, and that her experiences are shared with many others.


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